Taping and Minute Preparation for Pre-Bid and Pre-Construction Meetings to Support Maintenance Painting Operations for FY 2004--Kentucky Highway Investigative Task No. 46

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Under this KHIT pre-bid and pre-construction meetings would be recorded by taking audio tapes and pre-bid bridge site inspections would be video taped. KTC researchers would prepare written minutes of the pre-bid meetings in summary form (with verbatim transcriptions of all questions and answers). Those would be submitted to KYTC officials for review within 2 working days. The minutes would be revised as necessary and provided to KYTC officials for posting on the KYTC web site (in coordination with KYTC Contract Procurement and Information technology officials) for contractor review, commentary or corrections, and submittal of additional contractor questions within a pre-determined period prior to the submittal of formal bids. Thereafter, KTC personnel will also provide KYTC with the audio recordings of the meetings on standard audio tape and video recordings of the bridge site inspections on CD/DVD discs. This work will be performed on 25 projects designated by KYTC paint personnel. The cost of recordings/minutes of pre-bid meetings and pre-construction meetings is approximately $900 and $700 respectively (depending on location).
Effective start/end date7/1/036/30/19


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $63,215.00


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