Targeting the Gut-Brain Axis to Facilitate Weight Loss in High Fat Diet Consumers

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The University of Kentucky’s Nutrition Assessment Laboratory, directed by Dr. Kyle Flack, RD, will be the dietary intake assessment center for Dr. Dana Small’s proposed NIH funded study “Targeting the gut-brain axis to facilitate weight loss in high fat diet consumers.” Dr. Flack will be a co-investigator on Dr. Small’s proposed study. Dr. Flack will collaborate with Dr. Small on the design and implementation of the various dietary intake assessment methods used throughout the study and provide the protocol used for each assessment method (food records, 24-hour dietary recalls, and food frequency questionnaires). Dr. Flack’s Nutrition Assessment Laboratory is equipped with the necessary software and trained technicians to analyze food records. Dr. Flack is also well versed in administering and analyzing 24-hour recalls and food frequency questionnaires and therefore well qualified to lead this aspect of the study.
Effective start/end date1/1/2112/31/23


  • Yale University: $51,199.00


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