Task Order Request for Proposal (TORP) No. 201155, entitled #Hospital Quality Improvement Contractor (HQIC)

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    Network of Quality Improvement and Innovation Contractors (NQIIC) – Task Order 3: Hospital Quality Improvement Contractors (HQIC) Abstract Hospital Quality Improvement Contractors (HQIC) is a task order under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Network of Quality Improvement and Innovation Contractors (NQIIC) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ). This Task Order is designed to support rural, critical access hospitals and those hospitals that are low performing and serve vulnerable populations in achieving measurable outcomes under the rubrics of patient safety, addressing the opioid epidemic, and care transitions. Additionally, this Task Order shall provide support to hospitals during public health emergencies, epidemics/pandemics and other crises as they arise. HQICs, with a focus on reducing all-cause patient harm and readmissions, shall serve as quality improvement experts, facilitators, and change agents for healthcare transformation that will span across rural, medically-underserved, vulnerable populations. These efforts shall serve to enhance the customer experience while seeking to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, economy, safety, and quality of healthcare being provided in these supported hospitals. • Subcontractor to: Alliant Health (QIN-QIO of Kentucky) • Timeline: Four Years, beginning September 17, 2020 • Funding: KYREC to receive $350,000 per year for a total available base compensation of $1,400,000. An evaluation bonus of $500 will be paid for each hospital successfully achieving defined evaluation measures. Total available bonus compensation $75,000; total compensation up to $1,475,000. • Recruitment and support: KYREC will recruit 50 hospitals within the first 180 days from the list of hospitals provided by CMS. This list includes rural, critical access hospitals, low performing hospitals and those serving vulnerable populations. Program Goals and Targets Goal 1: Improve Behavioral Health Outcomes, with a focus on Decreased Opioid Misuse; Goal 2: Increase Patient Safety with a focus on reduction of harm and; Goal 3: Increase the Quality of Care Transitions with a focus on high utilizers in an effort to improve overall utilization. Targets: • Achieve a 12% reduction from baseline in opioid related overdose deaths • Achieve a 7% reduction from baseline in opioid related adverse events including deaths • Achieve a 9% reduction from baseline in all-cause patient harm • Achieve a 5% reduction from baseline in readmission rates • Achieve a 13% reduction from baseline in ADEs (not including opioids) • Achieve a reduction from baseline in C. difficile rates
    Effective start/end date9/21/204/1/21


    • Alliant Health System: $2.00


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