Technical Support for Kentucky Mathematics Center Coaching Teaching

  • Eakin, Paul (PI)

    Grants and Contracts Details


    UK will provide for up to 50 coaches, a high-quality USB headset. The principal local software is provided with the supplies. An additional 10 high-quality headsets will be provided as replacements for any that become unusable; Training for new coaches - At the coaches training session at EKU which begins on June 18 and at the training session at WKU that begins on July 23 UK will distribute the supplies and provide a basic orientation to the CENTRA system: this will occur on June 21 at EKU and July 26 at WKU. The coaches will then be expected to return to their schools and/or homes and locally install the supplies. The coaches will then connect to the CENTRA system for an active continuation of the orientation which will be provided by UK. A web-link, provided by UK, will be available on the Kentucky Centre for Mathematics web-site; this link may be used to access the site for making arrangements for this continued training. Contact information (e-mail addresses and phone numbers) for UK staff will be made available so that coaches who experience difficulties with the technology may receive assistance In a limited number of cases UK staff will be available to go to the coaches schools to resolve technical difficulties should it prove to be impossible to remotely resolve an issue Communications and Data Services - UK will provide the connect time for on-line meetings for all coaches. UK will work with the KCM staff to schedule these on-line meetings, these meetings will be archived. In addition UK will provide other forms of data collection, this would include, but may not be limited to, administering on-line surveys and reporting the results of these surveys.
    Effective start/end date6/15/076/30/08


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