Telehealth Resource Center Grant Program

    Grants and Contracts Details


    -Provide consultative services for MATRC to include meetings, planning Committees, emails, videoconferences, webinars, virtual office hours, and moderating discussion boards -Robert Sprang will attend the Annual MATRC conference and present at the conference. -Robert Sprang will consult on referrals made from MATRC specifically regarding the subject matters of "building a statewide telehealth initiative", "legislative advocacy to mandate Medicaid and commercial insurance reimbursement", "Industrial telehealth" and any other topic that is deemed appropriate for Kentucky¡¦s expertise. -Robert Sprang will consult with any telehealth program in the MATRC service area on relevant subject matter that he feels he can offer advice and will refer to other MATRC consultative partners for any services that he does not feel competent to adivse. -Robert Sprang will act as the liaison between MATRC and the Center for TeleHealth and e-Health Law. -Robert Sprang will perform any other services requested by MATRC that falls within his scope and expertise.
    Effective start/end date9/1/178/31/21


    • University of Virginia: $10,000.00


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