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In July, 2012, the Southern Central AIDS Education Telehealth Training Center (SCAETTC) received funding to develop an AIDS Education Training Telehealth Training Program to improve health care outcomes for people living with HIV in historically medically underserved areas. The SCAETTC will use the existing infrastructure of (1) the Kentucky Local Performance Site of the Southeast AIDS Training and Education Center (KY LPS), a HRSA funded AIDS Education Training Center that delivers HIV/AIDS medical education to physicians, physicians assistants, nurses, advanced practice nurses, dental professionals, and pharmacists (the “big six”) across the state; (2) University of Kentucky Healthcare Continuing Education Central (UKHCCEC), an accredited full service continuing education program for physicians, pharmacists and other providers using a highly sophisticated web-based education tools with worldwide reach; (3) the Kentucky Telehealth Network (KTHN), a statewide interactive videoconference network that brings specialized healthcare resources from UK to community healthcare facilities across rural KY; and (4) the Research and Engagement for Advancing Community Health programs (REACH) located at Rural Health Centers throughout KY which facilitates productive engagement among the lay community, community practitioners, and academic researchers to address the health-related needs and contribute to the improved health of KY communities through community-based participatory research to reach rural, low-volume health care providers and clinics in the Southern Central regions. We aim to increase health care providers’ knowledge, skills, and confidence in HIV care through distant learning and co-management of patients infected with HIV with HIV care experts and encourage them to engage in HIV care in their rural primary care settings. The SCAETTC will establish live needs-based educational activities, clinical case conference, real-time clinical consultations, and skills building trainings. The efforts of SCAETTC will enhance the capacity of community-based health care providers engaged in HIV health care delivery, reduce HIV-related health disparities, and build a support network in the regions. Additional funding for the AETC Telehealth Training Center Program (TTCP) from the Southeast AIDS Training and Education Center (SEATEC) will be used to expand and enhance the educational curriculum and training activities of SCAETTC to include Viral Hepatitis and Behavioral Health. The main goals for project year 7/2012-6/2013 are outlined below. 1) TTCP will engage in a state-wide needs assessment with regard to hepatitis and behavioral health. We intend to identify specific topics within each training realm to provide appropriate education to the targeted primary care providers and their staff throughout the state. 2) TTCP will conduct live education/training offered twice a month through Kentucky Telehealth Network. Each month a session will include a minimum of 1x/month integration of a viral hepatitis and/or behavioral health concern. 3) TTCP project will offer individual clinical tele-consultation to support and co-manage clinical HIV cases with viral hepatitis and/or behavioral health components through the twice-a-month regular live videoconference. 4) TTCP funds will be used to develop a web-based education training center. Namely, the development of a website, in tandem with the SCAETTC website, is necessary to integrate and promote hepatitis/behavioral health trainings. The services will include the capturing of the hepatitis/behavioral health workshops and production of these materials into webinars available for viewing online through the website. Also, the trainings will be accredited through the UK Continuing Education Office and will offer continuing education credit to learners. We will be conducting evaluation of the program and trainings through the SCAETTC program evaluators, the UK Continuing Education Office.
Effective start/end date7/1/126/30/13


  • Emory University: $50,000.00


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