TERN Faculty Scholars

  • Clayton, R. (PI)

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When the Foundation approached the Network about submitting a proposal for a training grant we explored the traditional approaches (pre-doctoral fellowships, post-doctoral fellowships) and decided that, like the Network itself, our approach to training should be experimental. We wanted to build on our unique strengths: 1) a total of 14 senior scientists from different institutions and different disciplines, 2) committed to understanding the etiology of tobacco use and dependence, 3) over a 7-8 year period. With these strengths in mind, we decided to identify junior faculty members at some of the institutions we represented who were very bright and willing to risk being transdisciplinary early in their academic/scientific career. The plan involved nominations from core group members, review by the entire network, and selection of TERN Faculty Scholars. The implementation plan involved having the on-campus member of the Network core group serve as the on-site mentor, but the principal mentor for each TERN faculty scholar would be a core group member from a different institution and discipline.
Effective start/end date1/1/026/30/07


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