The A3 Study: Ante-Amyloid Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease

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The A3 Study: Ante-Amyloid prevention of Alzheimer''s disease The A3 Study aims to get closer to primary prevention of AD, through preventing amyloid build-up in the brain. The study targets cognitively normal individuals who are currently below the threshold for amyloid elevation on amyloid PET but are at high risk for further Aß accumulation. The A3 Study is a global, multicenter, double-blind, randomized trial to compare the effects of low dose BAN-2401 vs. placebo, to test whether an anti-amyloid beta antibody targeted at protofibrils can slow brain amyloid accumulation at this very early stage of disease. The A3 Study also measures accumulation of tangle pathology using tau PET and exploratory cognitive outcomes.
Effective start/end date4/30/204/30/24


  • University of Southern California: $400,515.00


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