The Access Center

  • Bright, Ethel (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The Subcontractor shall assist and support the work of Access Center staff in the following activities: . Identify states and/or districts to participate in the Center's service areas and identify the criteria used in this selection process. . Help to convene a state team comprised of key constituents from SEA / LEA / State TA systems that may include special and general educators, administrators, and families. . Support the work of The Access Center in its learning community and consultative service strategies including conducting needs assessments, developing resource mapping plans, and coordinating and carrying out technical assistance services. . Reinforce the work of The Access Center as it relates to data collection and evaluation by communicating with RRC constituents the value of data collection activities and assisting, as appropriate, in collecting these data. . Identify outreach and marketing forums, including regional publications and conferences, through which RRC and Access Center staff can disseminate information. . Participate in monthly conference calls with the Access Center/RRC Technical Assistance Liaison Community and provide related documentation concerning progress and activities as requested by Access Center staff. . Strengthen existing state TA systems through sharing information and products related to improving students' access to the general education curriculum.. . With the support of the RRC Information Specialist, coordinate the dissemination of materials developed and identified by the Access Center to SEA and LEA representatives. .
Effective start/end date10/1/023/31/07


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