The Collaborative Center for Literacy Development: Imagination Library

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The Dolly Parton Foundation Imagination Library is an early childhood development initiative. The Imagination Library is focused on literacy and family engagement through the initiation and growth of a home library. Currently, 43 Kentucky communities in 32 counties offer the Imagination Library to children ages birth to 5, and 17,245 children are registered in the project (List counties/communities). The Collaborative Center for Literacy Development (CCLD) would like to request financial support to initiate a pilot for a centralized Imagination Library project for the state of Kentucky. This project would expand the Imagination Library program to an additional 13 counties/communities (see attached map) and expand existing services in 3 counties for their local communities. The proposed project would provide Imagination Library services to an additional 19,000+ children over a long term period. Our desire is to secure resources to implement the Imagination Library on a pilot scale for the purpose of a potential scale up implementation in the future. CCLD will ramp up the project with a professional development focus utilizing the Imagination Library texts to assist families, preschool, and kindergarten educators with strategies to maximize the overall impact of the initiative on early childhood literacy and language development. CCLD will also conduct research using quantitative and qualitative data sources to aid in enhancing the project. With consultation from the Dolly Parton Foundation management team, a targeted, incremental phase implementation is suggested. Below is a snapshot of two year's implementation of the Imagination Library using realistic enrollment and participation percentages.
Effective start/end date7/1/166/30/18


  • KY Governors Office for Local Development: $225,712.00


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