The Horse Industry in Kentucky Oral History Project

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The Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History has initiated an oral history project to record the firsthand experiences and stories of people who work with horses in Kentucky. Our purpose for the project is to build a collection that represents the diversity of the equine community and fosters a better appreciation for the historical, cultural, and economic significance of the horse to Kentucky. The project has been working under the guidance of an advisory committee (see appendix) and start-up funds provided thus far by KEEP (the Kentucky Equine Education Project), Kentucky Thoroughbred Association, Kentucky Downs, and the University of Kentucky. The project's staff interviewer Kim Lady Smith has conducted 45 interviews (totaling approximately 80 hours) preserving the history of racing and non-racing breeds in the commonwealth, as well as many occupations that support the equine industry. The goals of the project are: * The collection, preservation and transcription of a minimum of 150 interviews totaling over 300 taped hours. Racing and non-racing breeds will be included, as will the many occupations that are a part of the industry. * The creation of an online database providing access to interview transcripts and audio/video excerpts from the interviews. * The development of educational public programming that explores the diversity and significance of the equine industry to Kentucky. We are currently seeking funds to transcribe 16 interviews collected during the initial phase of the project totaling 40 hours of interview. The full list of interviews is below.
Effective start/end date7/1/082/28/09


  • KY Historical Society: $3,200.00


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