The Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar Program

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A major goal of the PhD program is to socialize graduates into academia instilling a value system that includes serving in leadership positions. Socialization is embedded in coursework, mentorship, seminars, and extracurricular activities. The faculty mentor will play a major role in the socialization process serving as daily role model. Recipient will attend professional conferences with the mentor. Students are included in the college governance structure providing several leadership opportunities for the recipient: 1) A student serves on the PhD curriculum committee, an important role in representing students. Recipient will be given priority placement on the committee when the position is open. 2) Students serve on the student-governed Graduate Student Activities and Advisory Committee. Committee fosters communication between faculty and students, implements programs of interest, and advises the dean on college matters. Recipient will be expected to run for election to the committee. The mentor will help the recipient develop an effective campaign. If elected, the PhD program director, who is an ex officio member, will advise and mentor recipient into the role of an active, effective leader on the committee. Recipient will have opportunities to work with truly exceptional leaders on the faculty. The dean is the current president of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. The associate dean for practice and community engagement is the current president of Sigma Theta Tau International. Two members are editors and one is consulting editor of major nursing journals. Recipient will enroll in 2 semesters of guided independent study during which he or she will work closely with one or more faculty members in leadership roles. The independent studies will be individually structured to meet recipient's goals, but will include leadership skill development and opportunities to work with faculty members while they are serving in their leadership roles.
Effective start/end date8/1/127/31/14


  • Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence: $10,000.00


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