The Kentucky Campus: Colleges, Culture and Community in the Commonwealth

  • Thelin, John (PI)

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,"The Kentucky Campus: Colleges, Culture, and Community in the Commonwealth" will be a public lecture and, , , 'historical exhibitpresentedat selectedsites throughoutthe state. Its aim is to capture and convey the distinctiveheritage of' I I :"Town and Gown" as Kentucky's colleges and universities have been a part of the cultural life of their host communities. : :project Director will be John R. Thelin, University Research Professor and member of the Educational Policy Studies Dept. at: :the University of Kentucky. Humanities Advisor is Prof. William Freehling, Singletary Humanities Professor, Dept or: :History, at the University of Kentucky. Request is for $8,391.75, with matching from the University of Kentucky. : :Preparation for the series of public lectures and traveling exhibit will include archival research at numerous colleges and: :universities as well as the Kentucky History Center and other historical agencies. Research is to identify memorabilia that: :documentsthe close connectionsbetweencampusand community-- e.g., promotional efforts for real estate, industry, cultural: :events,andcampusconstructionthatwas a sourceof municipalmonumentsandcivicpride.
Effective start/end date11/22/037/31/05


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