The Kentucky Center for Clean Indoor Air Policy

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The proposed policy target is to establish a statewide clean indoor air (CIA) advocacy infrastructure for the first time in Kentucky by creating the Kentucky Center for Clean Indoor Air Policy (KY-CCAP). KY-CCAP will provide CIA advocacy educational resources and technical assistance to at least 30 communities. It is expected that at least eight communities will propose, advance, or enact a CIA ordinance or regulation and 15 others will initiate a CIA educational campaign. Tobacco is grown in most KY counties and KY has the highest adult smoking rate, highest lung cancer rate, and ranks second in smoking among pregnant women in the US. Kentucky's tobacco control policies remain weak, with the second lowest rate of smoke-free workplace coverage. Despite this, Lexington recently passed a comprehensive smoke-free ordinance. KY-CCAP will expand statewide non-traditional partnerships with local and state elected officials, Kentucky League of Cities lobbyists, and leaders of groups heavily impacted by tobacco-related diseases and secondhand smoke (e.g., African American, Appalachian, and gay/lesbian/bisexualltransgendered groups), as well as collaborate with traditional tobacco control partners. Grant activities will be designed to promote sustainability:1) providing communities with cost-effective, innovative strategies based on science and law; 2) mobilizing and engaging traditional and nontraditional allies and representatives of heavily affected communities to make the case for local CIA policy; 3) leveraging community resources including new local funds and in-kind support. Emphasis will be placed on the development of human resources. Since KY-CCAP will be an integral part of a longstanding and successful university tobacco policy program, sustainability will be enhanced. We are requesting $150.000 for the grant period with matching funds of $100,270 from seven different organizations for community education, travel, data management, meeting expenses, and lobbying.
Effective start/end date12/1/0411/30/05


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: $150,000.00


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