The Kentucky Viticulture and Enology Extension and Research Program

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The number of winegrape growers and wineries in Kentucky continues to grow. As a result, there is a present and expanding need for continued viticulture and enology projects and information. New growers and winemakers need general and broad-ranging help getting established, while the experienced ones frequently request advice to specific challenges. Grapes are one of the most difficult crops to grow and require extensive knowledge of cultural requirements, disease and insect control, and weed management for success. Some of the major challenges yet to be answered include: 1) a pest and disease spray schedule unique to Kentucky needs significantly more development, in large part because of the high humidity during the growing season; 2) there are large numbers of various winegrape varieties being grown in small quantities posing problems at wineries and creating challenges of ripening on different schedules; 3) the impact of the great variation in postharvest handling techniques between harvest and crush is unclear and creates problems in wine quality; 4) winemakers need guidance in dealing with winegrape varietals not familiar to the general public; 5) winegrape growers are only starting to learn how to make yearly adjustments to variety-specific production techniques in response to yearly variation in such factors as site-specific environmental conditions, vine vigor and maturity, and crop load; and, 6) novice winemakers new to Kentucky's growing conditions and its impact on winegrape quality at harvest are learning how to make adjustments for annual variation to create consistent, high quality wine each year.
Effective start/end date7/1/126/30/14


  • Kentucky Vineyard Society: $450,000.00


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