The MOSAIC Study: MOlecular SignAtures and Clinical Outcomes in Acute Pancreatitis

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Statement of Work Dr. Conwell, co-investigator on the MOSAIC application will contribute by providing support and expertise in i) biospecimen collection, processing and storage, ii) overviewing the retention and recruitment efforts of the centers and iii) helping facilitate ease of transition of subjects into DREAM Study. To this end, Dr. Conwell will attend the MOSAIC monthly investigator meetings, as well as collaborate with the OSU Department of Biomedical Informatics (Data Coordinating Center; DCC) at tracking biospecimen and recruitment and retention data. At the MOSAIC meetings, Dr. Conwell will work with the DCC to help communicate data progress reports to the MOSAIC centers.
Effective start/end date4/4/233/31/24


  • Ohio State University: $9,657.00


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