The Neighborhoods Study: Contextual Disadvantage and Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD)

Grants and Contracts Details


University of Kentucky will provide ADC participant data to be used for this study with Drs. Amy J.H Kind and Barbara Bendlin, including demographic, contact, and neuropathological data for Brain Bank decedents. II. Services to be Performed Erin Abner, site PI, shall oversee the performance of all the site-specific work necessary towards this study, including the following services: A. In cooperation with University of Kentucky sponsored programs office, Erin Abner will oversee and facilitate the process of executing data use agreements, institutional review board review and waiver, and the fulfillment of other institutional administrative requirements prior to data transfer. B. Erin Abner will be responsible for ensuring the process of transfer of the data elements listed above to UW Madison. C. Erin Abner and Anna Kucharska-Newton will attend or send a delegate to year 3 and 5 consortium meetings of participating sites during the grant period. D. Erin Abner and Anna Kucharska-Newton will collaborate on primary manuscripts planned within the present study, including advising on analysis and interpretation of findings.
Effective start/end date3/1/212/29/24


  • University of Wisconsin: $175,753.00


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