The Role of Habit Structure in Extraterritorial Movements of Two Hybridizing Warblers

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Abstract: This proposal describes a study of secondary contact and hybridization of the imperiled golden-winged warbler (J/ermivora chysoptera) and its sister species, the blue-winged warbler (V pinus). I will examine two general hypotheses for golden-winged warbler (GWWA) replacement by blue-winged warbler (BWWA). First, Twill examine the ecology of the two species to assess the role of local habitat features in interspecific competition and hybridization. Second, I will employ behavioral and molecular techniques to reveal the mechanism and extent of genetic introgression within eastern Kentucky's hybrid zone, Specifically, I will measure the frequency of heterospecific extra-pair fertilizations within individual nests and will use radio-telemetry to assess the movements of males and females of both species. The fmdings of this study will be used to generate management recommendations that promote golden-winged warbler conservation and are informed by an understanding of GWWA reproductive strategies and evolution.
Effective start/end date12/1/0711/30/08


  • American Ornithologists Union: $1,700.00


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