The Southern Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Cohort Study: Longitudinal PrEP Initiation and Adherence among Parolees

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Dr. Oser’s involvement will include collaboration with the PI (Dr. Lauren Brinkely-Rubstein) and Co-I’s (Drs. Kathryn Nowotny, David Wohl, and Nick Zaller) to ensure that the SPEC-P study accomplishes the Specific Aims. Dr. Oser will be responsible for the KY cohort within the multi-cohort longitudinal study design. She will coordinate the study with the PI and Co-I’s, University of Kentucky (UK), the Kentucky Department of Corrections (DOC), the Bluegrass Care Clinic, and research staff. Dr. Oser will have overall responsibility at the KY site including protection of human subjects, staffing, instrumentation, implementation, data collection, data management, statistical analyses, and publications. Dr. Oser will assume responsibility for the submission of reports and meet with PI and Co-Is on a bi-weekly basis. Other than travel for collaboration and dissemination, this work will take place at UK. Dr. Oser will devote 25% effort for Years 1 and 4, 15% effort for Years 2 and 3, and 22% effort for Year 5. Project tasks: 1) Participate in SPEC-P study meetings as required via phone conference and email as well as in-person. 2) Obtain and maintain approvals from UK, the IRB, and the Kentucky Department of Corrections (DOC). 3) Assume fiduciary responsibilities for the KY site. 4) Hire, train, and supervise study staff. 5) Coordinate study implementation in the KY site. 6) Participate in statistical analyses. 7) Prepare papers for publication. 8) Assist in dissemination activities.
Effective start/end date9/1/1810/31/22


  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill: $810,432.00


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