The SRCOS Summer Research Conference in Statistics and Biostatistics

  • Stromberg, Arnold (PI)

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The investigator and his colleagues will organize and conduct a Summer Research Conference (SRC) in statistics and biostatistics at General Butler State Resort Hotel in Carrollton, Kentucky on June 2-5, 2019. The 2019 SRC will be the 55th anniversary of that conference. The SRC is an annual conference sponsored by the Southern Regional Council on Statistics (SRCOS). Its purpose is to encourage the interchange and mutual understanding of current research ideas in statistics and biostatistics, and to give motivation and direction to further research progress. The project will focus on young researchers, placing them in close proximity to leaders in the field for person-to-person interactions in a manner not possible at most other meetings. Speakers will present formal research talks with adequate time allowed for clarification, amplification, and further informal discussions in small groups. Under the travel support provided by this award students will attend and present their research in posters to be reviewed by more experienced researchers. SRCOS has added an aim to encourage the participation of individuals from underrepresented groups to pursue graduate education and career opportunities in the statistical sciences. For this reason, SRCOS is adding a large component to 2019 SRC discussing career opportunities in Statistics, providing a “Real Data Analytics Workshop,” as well as a statistics focused graduate school opportunity session. The travel support provided by this award will encourage under-represented groups to enter the field of Statistics and provide training to support this endevour. The Southern Regional Council on Statistics is a consortium of statistics and biostatistics programs in the South, stretching as far west as Texas and as far north as Maryland. It currently has member programs at 45 universities in 16 states in the region. This project will fund undergraduate and graduate student participation in the 2019 Summer Research Conference (SRC) sponsored by SRCOS. The meeting is particularly valuable for students and faculty from smaller regional schools at drivable distances, affording them the opportunity to participate and interact closely with internationally-known leaders in the field without the cost of travel to distant national or international venues. It will strengthen the research of the statistics and biostatistics community as a whole and help bridge the gap for under-represented groups to pursue statistics.
Effective start/end date5/15/194/30/20


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