The Transformation of Cooperative Extension

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The Content ManagementlLeadership Team along with the eXtension A&sociate Directors of Content will provide leadership and guidance in the development of eXtension content development and management services. Specifically, the Conte*t team and eXtension Associate Directors of Content will: 1. Lead and direct the content development for the eXtension initiative for th~landgrant universities with accountability to the eXtension Governing Commit~e. 2. Further deve~o~ reso~rce~ and infrastru~ture to support Communities of p'rr~u.ce (CoPs) descnbmg gUldelmes for prepanng content, the roles and responslb~l~ ~les of CoPs, understanding and addressing audience needs, and evaluation .. 3. Work with CoPs in the following areas: a. In the formation and function of communities and their member. : b. By training and implementing eXtension content and IT standards with CoPs .. c. Provide instructional design tools and infrastructure that will allowicontent providers to create interactive, educational content. ; d. By providing training for members of CoPs to enter their content ~tothe eXtension CMS. ! e. Coordinating eXtension staff and/or commercial contractors to dev~)op products that involve integrating various technologies to improve dontent development and delivery. I f. Facilitate outsourcing of content development to those inthe systef:i who can assist in the creation of content for CoPs, in order to build cap4~ity with in the Extension System nationwide .. : 4. Work with the national eXtension Content Management Board to help furiher develop and improve the work and processes associated with building ahd! supporting CoPs. ;
Effective start/end date10/1/079/30/11


  • University of Nebraska: $1,286,645.00


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