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SUMMARY: The overarching goal of the University of Kentucky Racial Equity Initiative Coordinating Center (UK-REI-CC) is to focus on collectivism and elevate the resilience of People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) communities through supporting REI grantees to conduct culturally relevant, best practice, community engaged substance use research. UK-REI-CC will draw from the Radical Healing in Communities of Color,6 a strength-based framework, to coordinate projects from both Highly Resourced Institutions (HRIs) and Limited Resourced Institutions (LRIs). The UK-REI-CC is led by a PI and faculty with established collaborations and extensive experience focused on community-engagement, drug treatment, HIV, randomized controlled trials, implementation science, pharmacology, and justice-involvement. In collaboration with the NIDA Steering Committee and expert panel UK-REI-CC will complete the following aims: 1) To develop and support a learning community through networking & training among REI grantees. UK REI-CC will organize and convene a kick-off, annual meetings, and monthly meetings of REI grantees. Using Pure™ network mapping system,7 REI grantees and community partners will access investigators and their worldwide networks. UK-REI-CC will conduct a bi-annual needs assessment, convene, workgroups, devise quarterly trainings, develop a speaker series, and host networking events encouraging collectivism and highlighting assets among the REI institutions. 2) To enhance REI projects by providing research resources focused on community engagement. UK REI-CC will provide technical assistance and consultations focused on elevating the voices of marginalized communities. The center will provide quarterly trainings to REI project sites and resources focused on building and strengthening academic-community partnerships. 3) To optimize data collection and analyses by the REI community. Using Tableau, UK-REI-CC will host an interactive dashboard illustrating progress for REI projects. The center will provide consultation on devising research questions, culturally appropriate measures, recruitment and retention strategies, qualitative and quantitative data analyses, and incorporating community partners in data analyses. 4) To facilitate broad and accessible communication and dissemination of REI project findings for end users. UK REI-CC will develop online resources to share press releases, publications, and research presentations. In addition, the UK-REI-CC will leverage our expertise in culturally tailoring messaging to ensure accessibility for all communities participating in the research. Taken together, these activities will enhance the capacity for REI projects to conduct impactful substance use research.
Effective start/end date8/15/236/30/24


  • National Institute on Drug Abuse: $743,788.00


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