Theoretical Studies of Astronomical Masers

  • Elitzur, Moshe (PI)

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One of the most common problems in all areas of astrophysics involves reliable analysis of line emission from multi-level systems. With NSF support I have developed a new method for exact solution of the problem. In comparative studies of a number of standard problems, the new technique outperformed the leading current methods by substantial margins. This success is an unexpected, major development that opens up significant new opportunities not foreseen when I originally prepared the proposal for my current NSF award. Here I request supplemental funding to exploit this success, creating the first code for exact calculation of multi-level line emission from any arbitrary atom or molecule for which atomic data exist. The proposed tool will have a major impact on the remainder of research under the current grant, eliminating problems that have plagued all maser pumping calculations until now. The tool will also become part of a public system of high-level data analysis for the benefit of entire community. -1-
Effective start/end date9/1/068/31/09


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