Therapeutic Targeting of Metabolic microRNAs as a New Treatment Paradigm for NASH

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As co-applicant and partner of the multidisciplinary NASH Research Consortium, Dr. Ryan Temel’s lab will conduct diet optimization and dose escalation studies in cynomolgus monkeys. The main study will evaluate the therapeutic potential of LNA ASOs targeting miR-128-1 and miR-22 to treat NASH in cynomolgus monkeys. The Temel will oversee monkey acquisition, diet preparation, liver biopsies, magnetic resonance imaging, glucose tolerance tests, complete blood counts, blood chemistries, and necropsy. The Temel lab will analyze plasma lipids/lipoproteins and liver samples by histology/immunohistochemistry, lipid biochemistry, and qRT-PCR.
Effective start/end date1/1/1912/31/24


  • Aalborg University: $2,780,637.00


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