Thin Film Concrete Coatings KYSPR 12-433

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OBJECTIVES: I) IdentifY concrete coatings/coatings systems and typical structural applications (e.g. 'green' vs. fully cured concrete), 2) Assess concrete surface preparation steps for the various coatings including patching methods/materials, 3) Prepare guidelines for using the vari ous coatings/coatings systems including concrete substrate requirements, number of coats and curing requirements 4) Detennine sources, costs, effectiveness and application procedures for viable coatings, 5) Identify benefits of spec ific coatings/coatings systems including res istance to chloride penetration, waterproofin g, UV tolerance, graffiti resistance and aesthetics, 6) Conduct laboratOlY tests for promising concrete coatings to identi fY th ose warranting fi eld evaluations, 7) Conduct field tri als of coatings (including patching materi als) showing short-term potential for success, 8) Provide KYTC with a li st of effective bridge coatings/coatings systems that can be used for new construction and maintenance al ong with their application requirements, typical uses and benefits and 9) Identify/develop aesthetic coatings including reflective coatings that can be used to mark bridge barrier wall s at night and in inclement weather.
Effective start/end date7/1/116/30/12


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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