Thousand Cankers Disease/Walnut Twig Beetle Survey

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In July 2010, TCD was reported in Knoxville, Tennessee, causing dieback on black walnut. As a leading producer of black walnut lumber in the country, this disease is of great concern to Kentucky. According to a US Forest Service publication (FS-270), Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, and West Virginia combined have almost 40% of the walnut sawtimber volume in the country (approximately 1 billion board feet). Thus, the protection of this industry is of extreme economic importance. This survey has great regional and national value. Documentation of the regional and national range of this beetle is necessary to satisfy state quarantines for thousand cankers disease. TCD has been found close to Kentucky¡¦s borders in Tennessee and this disease has the potential to be economically devastating to Kentucky. Thus, a survey is needed to determine if TCD is present in Kentucky so that appropriate measures can be taken. The Cooperator seeks to conduct a program which is expected to result in: „h The safeguarding of Kentucky¡¦s timber industry. „h Providing survey data about this beetle and disease in Kentucky. „h Early detection and rapid response if these pests are found in the state. „h Keeping these pests from becoming established in Kentucky. „h The entry of positive/negative data into the IPHIS database
Effective start/end date6/1/175/31/18


  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service: $25,000.00


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