To Evaluate the Effectiveness of Internal Drainage Layers Used in Pavement Structures KYSPR 09-373

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OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this project are to: I) Conduct a li teratu re review of current state of practice for subsurface drainage of pavement stru ctures; 2) Identify CUlTent and past methodologies used by Kentucky for subsurface drainage, such as drainage blankets, daylighted granular vase and edge drains; 3) Identify types of projects/constru ction techniques that would require various drainage treatments such as rock roadbed and stabilized subgrade; 4) Work closely with the Kentucky Transp0l1ation Cabinet to identify the candidate projects with and without drainage systems to eva luate their perfoilnance; and 5) Make appropriate recommendations for potential des ign changes based on the evaluation of the performance of pavements with drainage systems
Effective start/end date7/1/106/30/11


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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