To Research the Development and Evaluation of Pathways to Net-Zero Emission Agriculture and Cropping Systems

  • Ren, Wei (PI)

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Field experiments will be conducted to evaluate the impact of integrated BAPs in major cropping systems in the heavily agricultural region of the Central US on net-zero and negative emissions. Our goal is to determine the C balance of BAPs for the predominant cropping systems and soil types in the central region of the US and identify agronomic and environmental drivers of GHG emissions and C sequestration through short and long-term field experiments and laboratory measurements (MI, OH, KY and IN), data analysis, and interpretations. Results of these experiments will be augmented by a synthesis of published data (meta-analysis) and by application of agroecosystem models to extend the applicability of the results to other eco-regions of the US, and to assess the temporal evolution and sensitivity of the C-balance of agroecosystems. Technologies generated from this project will be communicated to scientists, farmers, extension educators, grade schools, college students, and the public through outreach events
Effective start/end date1/1/208/22/22


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