Tobacco Control Project Evaluation C4590: CL3: FY 25 SPAN Evaluation (Oct-June)

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Abstract- SPAN The University of Kentucky Prevention Research Center (PRC) will develop evaluation plans and final evaluation reports for the Kentucky Physical Activity and Nutrition Program (SPAN) as well as surveys and other tools needed to meet the grant(s) performance measures. The UK PRC will conduct the following activities: 1. Meet with SPAN staff to review grant action plans, data sources, and expected products as a result of funding. 2. Analyze current grant evaluation plan and deliverables and provide DPH guidance to enhance, finalize, and implement the DPH evaluation plan objectives. 3. Analyze current strategic plan and deliverables and provide DPH guidance to enhance, finalize, and implement the DPH strategic plan. 4. Conduct process/data analysis, lead evaluation plan development, implementation and evaluation reporting and dissemination of finding and present reports to stakeholders. Stakeholders shall include but are not limited to CDC, external partners and organizations such as the Kentucky Cancer Program and the American Cancer Society. 5. Review, update and disseminate evaluation plan per CDC guidelines and recommendations. 6. Develop annual evaluation plan to include processes, collect data on the number of places that develop and implement food service guidelines, supportive breastfeeding interventions, community planning and transportation interventions and early care and education nutrition and physical activity standards. 7. Develop annual evaluation report for CDC on progress of performance measures included in the evaluation plan. 8. Collaborate with Partnership for a Fit Kentucky to support the tracking and development of overall evaluation plan. 9. Attend CDC required evaluation trainings that may be virtual and/or out of state. 10. Meet with SPAN to review grant work plans, data sources and expected deliverables as a result of funding.
StatusNot started
Effective start/end date7/1/246/30/26


  • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services: $16,443.00


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