Together: Transforming and Translating Discovery to Improve Health (Using Social Networks to Map and Evaluate Team Science Across CTSA Hubs)

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Given the previous collaborations between the University of Florida and the University of Kentucky, the recently released NCATS Administrative Supplement creates a unique opportunity for UK CCTS and UF CTSI investigators to collaborate on this inter-CTSA initiative to enhance CTSA network capacity and bring about increased cross-CTSA collaboration throughout the hub network. The project, "Using social networks to map and evaluate team science across CTSA hubs," will develop and implement strategies to promote collaboration and interdisciplinary team science across CTSA hubs. By mapping developing research areas within each CTSA site, we will develop a profile for each site to identify research network communities across each hub and move to assess and evaluate the scientific impact of individuals, teams and their collaborations. Specific scope of work for University of Kentucky: -To collect relevant institutional researcher data for network analysis -To collaborate on the development, visualization and interpretation of new network analytics tools -To translate the findings into potential actionable information for UK -To collaborate on the dissemination of the findings to other CTSA hubs
Effective start/end date7/1/186/30/19


  • University of Florida: $213,125.00


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