Tools for Applying Contructability Concepts to Project Development (Design), Federal Aid Research Task 190

  • Stamatiadis, Nikiforos (PI)
  • Goodrum, Paul (CoI)

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The objectives of this study are: • Organize existing Constructability Reviews completed in the past (Phase I); • Document and identify potential categories for fOCUSing areas of review (Phase I); • Establish and maintain the database for designers' use and for dev.elopment of future training material. (Phase I); • Estimating benefits (such as cost, time, schedule, magnitude, or others) from selected project case studies to develop useful metrics for other projects (Phase II); and • Establish a consistent format to allow for variations by which constructability can be integrated into design decision making (Phase I and II),
Effective start/end date8/1/1110/15/13


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