Tours of Ethanol and Biodiesel Production Facilities and Users Across Kentucky

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The goal of this project is to educate state officials in Kentucky, the Mid-West and Mid-South about the production and utilization of clean/alternative fuels by conducting a tour of ethanol and biodiesel production facilities and a fleet user in the National Park system. Project objectives include for each tour stop: • Providing face-to-face contact with project developers including farmer cooperatives associated with the plant • Providing face-to-face contact with farmers involved with the plant • Providing face-to-face contact with state officials in each respective host state • Increase the exposure of these tours beyond the limitations of face-to-face meetings, by developing virtual tours for distribution via the web. • Ultimately, increase the production of ethanol and/or biodiesel in participating states
Effective start/end date5/27/048/31/05


  • Southern States Energy Board: $24,412.00


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