Toward Personalized Pressure Ulcer Care Planning: Development of a Bioinformatics System for Individualized Prioritization of Clinical Pratice Guideline

  • Zhang, Guo Qiang (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Dr. GQ Zhang will serve as the UK site-PI and direct a part-time research assistant to work on SCIPUD+ system. Dr. Zhang will collaborate with overall PI Dr. Bogie to meet the project milestones. Scope of Work involve three main tasks: Task 1: Creation of the SCIPUD+ environmental, social and clinical domain database. For this task Dr. Zhang will work with Dr. Bogie to develop a SCIPUD SCI PU/DTI Ontology. This domain ontology which will serve as the knowledge source (metadata) for a Physio-MIMI based SCIPUD+ Resource database structure. Validated extracted data using Dr. Bogie's standard deidentified data forms will be collected and populated into the SCIPUD+ environmental, social and clinical domain database. Task 2: Creation of the SCIPUD+ tissue health domain database. To establish and populate the SCIPUD+ tissue health domain database, Dr Zhang will work Dr. Bogie to develop and validate a multi-domain SCIPUD+ information model. This information model will involve the specification, prototyping, and refinement of an intuitive and straight-forward multi-domain SCIPUD+ user interface, which will be tested and evaluated for usability. Task 3: Observational study of validated of SCIPUD+ care plans. With the iterative refinement of SCIPUD+ data and information reesource, multi-scale PU/DTI risk factors for personalized PU/DTI prevention care plans will be developed utilizing the fully integrated and validated SCIPUD+ resource. This task will be led by Dr. Bogie with the assistance of Dr. Zhang.
Effective start/end date9/30/158/31/18


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