Towards a Vaccine to Prevent Toxoplasmosis

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Work with HFIO, Balb/C, SAG I and other epitopes, IL12 and alum and later with ORA2 and with type I parasites and in later years with hypervirulent recombinant parasites and survival studies. In later years with T cell studies and T cell transfer studies. Testing of hyper virulent recombinant strains will be in Kentucky. Limited initial testing of constructs with i.p. and peroral cyst challenge wi II be in each institution with each responsible for a different adjuvant. When the best adjuvant(s) are defined the proteins will be distributed among the institutions as described in the grant and each will be tested with that best adjuvant. Testing of cytokines in plasmids and constructs with bilosomes will be divided among the institutions as will each of the constructs encoding the candidate proteins. There will be frequent communication between groups, including regular telephone conferences every 2 weeks, and an annual meeting. A:
Effective start/end date7/24/086/30/09


  • The University of Chicago: $130,889.00


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