Toxin Biosynthesis Genes in Ergopeptine-Producing Fungi

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Responsibilities of Dr. Schardl and coworkers at the University of Kentucky will be as follows: 1. Transform Neotyphodium sp. Lpl andN: coenophialum with cloned and altered DMA W gene copies to cause mutations that inactivate the gene or interfere with its expression. 2. Introduce modified endophytes into perennial ryegrass and tall fescue, then screen for endophyte presence and stability. 3. Increase seeds of plants with the modified endophytes to supply material for nematode and mouse-feeding studies and for maintenance of the germplasms. 4. Evaluate endophyte transmission in plants with modified endophytes versus wild-type endophytes. 5. Evaluate anti-insect activities of plants with modified endophytes, wild-type endophytes and no endophyte. 6. Grow plants and provide leaf material for chemical analysis. 7. Conduct mass spectrometry analysis of indole alkaloids from plants with the modified and wild type endophytes.
Effective start/end date9/1/008/31/05


  • West Virginia University: $118,519.00


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