TRaining InterdisciPLinary Educators To SupportHigh-Needs Populations (TRIPLETS)

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TRIPLETS is an interdisciplinary project where scholars trained in behavior or instructional interventions will work with teachers in rural Appalachia who teach students with high-intensity needs. Eight scholars will receive a Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA; behavior analysts) and eight will receive a Master’s in Special Education Teacher Leadership (teacher leaders); both are 2 year programs. Behavior analyst scholars will be eligible to take the BCBA exam; teacher leader scholars will keep their teaching license (state requirement). Competencies will be aligned with CEC Advanced Preparation Standards/BACB 4th Edition Task List Competencies for behavior analysts and CEC ASD/AT Standards. The primary focus of this project is the interdisciplinary training of all recruited scholars. Over 40% of project coursework is shared between disciplines. Shared coursework and group assignments have been identified. A scholar from each discipline will be paired with a practicing teacher in rural Appalachia for their shared field experiences. Project evaluation will consist of various formative evaluations (e.g., Competency Report Card) that will occur each semester and summative evaluations (e.g., program surveys) at the end of each year.
Effective start/end date1/1/1812/31/23


  • Department of Education


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