Training Kentucky Crop Farmers to Develop an Integrated Farm Program, Insurance, and Price Risk Management Safety-Net

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Commercial farmers, lenders and insurance agents will understand integrating crop insurance, pre-harvest price tools with farm programs through two-day regional workshops held prior to the crop insurance cancellation deadlines for wheat and corn/soybeans. Outlook meetings held prior to harvest will allow farmers to adjust their pre-harvest price risk management plans. Extension bulletins, newsletters, and Adobe Presenter presentations will supplement the workshops to enhance audience understanding. The target audience is located in the primary grain production regions in West and Central Kentucky. Three wheat and six corn/soybean regional workshops will be held prior to planting. Three wheat and ten corn/soybean price outlook meetings will be held before harvest. At least 770 targeted individuals will receive training assuming attendance of 35 farmers, insurance agents and lenders per meeting. As a result, the target audience will understand and implement combinations of insurance, price risk tools with farm programs to manage crop revenue risk.
Effective start/end date4/1/159/30/16


  • University of Arkansas: $49,998.00


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