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Adoption Support for Kentucky (ASK) specializes in the utilization of support groups to offer pre and post-adoptive support and training to foster and adoptive parents. ASK provides the opportunity to share resources, suggestions, frustrations and successes with those who share the unique life experience of adoption. ASK strives to prevent pre-adoptive disruptions and post-adoptive dissolutions through peer support and training related to caring for children who have been placed in out-of-home care or who have been adopted. ASK utilizes experienced foster and adoptive parents to provide peer-led adoption support group meetings throughout the Commonwealth. They offer support and provide two-hours of Cabinet approved training at each meeting. Support and information are also shared with foster and adoptive parents by phone and email. Additionally, Cabinet-approved training is provided by Adoptive Parent Liaisons (APLs) through one-on-one meetings with foster parents in accordance with DCBS Standard of Practice (SOP) 12:15 regarding Ongoing Foster Parent Training. Support and relevant information is also provided by ASK’s Adoptive Parent Liaisons (APLs) by phone and e-mail to foster and adoptive parents. Adoption is a very unique experience and ASK exists to provide ongoing support and training. Any adoptive family may be a part of ASK. Some who attend support group meetings adopted years ago, while others may have formed their Forever Family more recently. Others who may attend are caring for the child of a relative or are foster parents considering adoption. ASK is proud to offer its services to families formed through state, private, relative or international adoption, as well as to foster parents and relative caregivers. Goal: ASK strives to prevent pre-adoptive disruptions and post-adoptive dissolutions through peer support and training.
Effective start/end date7/1/186/30/19


  • Eastern Kentucky University: $379,980.00


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