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The Kentucky Children’s Justice Act (CJA) Task Force is established in accordance with the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (codified at 42 USC 5106c) (“Children’s Justice Act”) which authorizes grants to states to develop, establish, and operate programs designed to improve: (1) The handling of child abuse and neglect cases, particularly cases of child sexual abuse and exploitation, in a manner which limits additional trauma to the child victim; (2) The handling of cases of suspected child abuse or neglect related fatalities; (3) The investigation and prosecution of cases of child abuse and neglect, particularly child sexual abuse and exploitation; and (4) The handling of cases involving children with disabilities or serious health-related problems who are victims of abuse or neglect. The Kentucky CJA Task Force reviews and evaluates State investigative, administrative and both civil and criminal judicial handling of cases of child abuse and neglect, particularly child sexual abuse and exploitation. The Task Force makes policy and training recommendations and may make such other comments and recommendations as are considered relevant and useful to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.
Effective start/end date7/1/176/30/18


  • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services


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