Training Resource Center: Evidence Based Child Welfare Network

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Background Providing protective and intervention services to children and families vulnerable to abuse and neglect is a highly complex task that involves effort and input from various systems within any given community. As with all social problems, child maltreatment does not occur in isolation. A host of personal, environmental, and systemic factors converge to form an intricate web of causation. As a result, no one agency or entity can be solely responsible for the effort of protecting children and strengthening families. Instead, the effort must be systemic and all encompassing of the community. To that end the UK College of Social Work proposes to form and convene a multidisciplinary network of experts to provide recommendations and advisement to the Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) to further enhance the department’s planning, strategy, and delivery systems. Purpose The purpose of this network of experts will be to provide solution-driven recommendations for improving child outcomes and the quality of service provision by DCBS and its partner agencies in the private sector. Once formed, this group will include state and national experts from various disciplines and systems. The network will include researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and educators. These professionals will come from a variety of disciplines that interconnect to impact child welfare. In order to provide the most useful and efficacious recommendations, the network will use data-driven, evidence-based information to guide its work. The group will use existing DCBS data as well as other available data sets to explore and assess the current strengths and challenge areas for the department. A rubric will be established by the group for use in this assessment task. In addition to basing all work on evidence-based science, the network will also employ the use of translational science techniques to help assist DCBS in furthering their mission to provide leadership in building high quality community based human service systems that enhance safety, permanency, well-being and self-sufficiency for Kentucky's families, children and vulnerable adults
Effective start/end date7/1/13 → 6/30/14


  • Eastern Kentucky University: $38,207.00


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