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The Foster Parent Mentor Program (FPMP) specializes in one-on-one, intensive coaching relationships that provide newly approved foster parents with emotional support and encouragement, skill reinforcement, and parenting strategies unique to providing out-of-home care. These one-on-one mentoring relationships are designed to enhance the quality of care provided and stabilize initial placements. The program matches newly approved Foster Parents (mentees) with experienced Foster Parents (mentors) for their first six months of service or at the time of their first placement. Mentors seek to assist mentees by reinforcing what they learned during the initial pre-service training, Building Foundations for Successful Parenting. Mentors also seek to help mentees learn additional information and apply new skills through the utilization of the Mentor/Mentee Learning Guide. This guide includes approximately 100 topics with information that can be discussed between a mentor and their mentee based on the needs of the mentee. This guide was developed in collaboration with veteran foster parents, DCBS Recruitment and Certification (R&C) personnel, and DCBS Central Office personnel. Additionally, mentors model and encourage appropriate partnerships within the child welfare system, offer parenting strategies unique to providing out-of-home care, and help mentees identify resources unique to their service region. Goal: The goal of the Foster Parent Mentor Program is to enhance the quality of out-of-home care provided and stabilize initial placements.
Effective start/end date7/1/186/30/19


  • Eastern Kentucky University: $456,093.00


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