Training Resource Center: Medically Fragile Program

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The Medically Fragile Training Program provides orientation, training, and support to families providing care to the child with complex medical needs throughout Kentucky. Resource parents working with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and private child caring agencies, along with DCBS and PCC staff, and respite providers attend Medically Fragile training. The Medically Fragile Orientation is a prerequisite to the initial training, Join Hands Together, and both are required for all families before they are certified to provide care to children that are medically fragile. Initial and advanced training is provided through the Medically Fragile Training Program to families caring for the child with complex medical needs. The initial training, Join Hands Together (JHT), is required for all families before they are certified to provide medically fragile care. During FY 2014, it is projected that five (5) JHT events will be targeted to DCBS and PCC families with 24 participant slots for DCBS families, 16 participant slots for PCC families, and 10 participant slots for DCBS & PCC workers. As in the past, adjustments of events may occur to meet the training needs. During FY 2014, the Medically Fragile Training Program within the University of Kentucky’s Training Resource Center will continue to work in conjunction with the DCBS Training Branch and Division of Protection and Permanency to implement advanced medically fragile training events in the new format designed to meet the diverse training needs of the state’s medically fragile resource parents. Multiple training topics will be available for the parents to choose from to meet their annual required training hours. The two (2) statewide advanced training events will be scheduled in accordance with the recertification needs of the medically fragile resource parents (tentatively September and March). All medically fragile resource parents will be encouraged to attend the statewide training events. “Make-up” training events will be made available for those medically fragile resource parents who are unable to attend. The goal of the Medically Fragile Training Program is to provide training and support to resource homes in Kentucky caring for children in out-of-home care with complex medical needs.
Effective start/end date7/1/146/30/15


  • Eastern Kentucky University: $117,346.00


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