TRANScranial direct current stimulation for POst-stroke motor Recover - a Phase II sTudy (TRANSPORT 2)

  • Huber, Justin (PI)
  • Pettigrew, Luther (CoI)
  • Sawaki Adams, Lumy (Former PI)

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Primary aims of the trial: To determine whether there is an overall treatment effect among 3 dosing groups (sham+mCIMT, 2mA+mCIMT and 4mA+mCIMT) immediately after the 2-week intervention in the Fugl-Meyer Upper-Extremity scale (FM-UE, a measure of motor impairment). Secondary outcomes are Wolf Motor Function Test time score (WFMT, a measure of functional motor activity time score) and Stroke Impact Scale(SIS) Hand Subscale (a measure of the quality of life). The sustained treatment effect will be assessed at 1 month and 3 months post-intervention. Secondary aims: To confirm that the proposed intervention is safe (no significant differences in rate of adverse events), tolerable (no significant differences in discomfort as measured by Visual-Analog-Scale), and feasible to administer in a multi-site trial (>80% of subjects complete the treatment protocol and no unexplained/unresolved variability by site) Exploratory Aim: To investigate whether wCST-LL (structural assessment of the integrity of descending motor tract) or MEPs (functional assessment of the integrity of descending motor tract) or a combination of both are correlated with changes in FM-UE scale; and to evaluate the utility of each as biomarkers for subject selection criteria for the confirmatory Phase III study.
Effective start/end date8/15/187/21/21


  • University of Cincinnati: $39,698.00


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