Transition Age Youth Launching Realized Dreams (TAYLRD) (TBBM)

  • Adams, Chithra (PI)
  • McKay, David (CoI)

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The overall purpose of the evaluation of the NITT-Healthy Transitions (NITT-HT) program is to determine if access to improved treatment and support services for youth and young adults ages 16 – 25 that either have, or are at risk of developing a serious mental health condition, has been achieved. To answer this question, the evaluation will focus on 1). the degree to which the infrastructure at the state level supports the implementation of the new outreach/engage/support model, and 2. the degree to which local sites are able to implement the model with high fidelity and the impact of the implementation on youth outcomes. The evaluation will follow a utilization focused approach that will allow for 1. Ongoing sharing of information and feedback obtained from formative evaluation, 2. Continuous improvement of the program, 3. Increased engagement of all stakeholders, and 4. The promotion of program development (Patton, 1997).
Effective start/end date7/1/186/30/19


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