Transmembrane Domain Interactions in Pathogenic Viruses

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The primary goal of the Southeast Regional Center of Excellence for Emerging Infections and Biodefense (SERCEB) is to assist the nation in developing and deploying effective and rapid responses to emerging infectious diseases and biothreats. Through our research programs in host-pathogen interactions and interventions, we aim to discover new therapies and principles by which effective vaccines and other intervention measures can be developed for diseases and pathogens that threaten the health of our citizens. Our Developmental Projects Program, described here, offers investigators across our region up to 2 years of funding for novel and innovative research projects that may lead to new discoveries in the area of emerging infectious diseases and biodefense (EID/BD).
Effective start/end date3/1/112/29/12


  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill: $138,434.00


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