Transponder Administration in Support of Commercial Vehicle Electronic Screening

  • Hunsucker, David (PI)
  • Crabtree, Joseph (CoI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The Kentucky Transportation Center at the University of Kentucky is poised to resume the activities of the Transponder Administrator for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Center is prepared to provide the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet with the resources necessary to move the electronic screening program forward The Center will assume all of the responsibilities for administering the transponder program and will conduct our business activities in a manner that builds upon our past efforts in this area. The Center will perfonn necessary database and customer support functions for the mainline automated clearance system as described herein. The Center will provide transponder administration services for the electronic screening program for commercial vehicles including, but not limited to, handling calls from prospective and current customers, receiving and processing applications for enrollment, and providing carrier infonnation to other jurisdictions conducting electronic screening (at the ilirection of the carrier). The Center will work with the appropriate Cabinet agency to help gain approval of the carrier to participate in electronic screening and to detennine suitable sampling rates based on the applicant's past compliance perfonnance. The Center currently has a limited supply of Mark N, Type n transponders in stock that will be distributed to commercial carriers enrolling in the electronic screening program. It is anticipated that the Cabinet or the NorPass organization will secure an additional supply of Type n and/or Type n+ transponders for distribution to commercial carriers through the Center. Center personnel will enter the carrier infonnation in the control center database and download the enrolled vehicle list to all of the Cabinet's weigh stations that have been equipped with electronic screening equipment The Center will perfonn quarterly status checks for the enrolled carriers and interact with the appropriate contacts within the Cabinet to update the enrolled vehicle list The Center will maintain a Web page to disseminate infonnation to carriers and other interested parties. The Web page will also enable carriers to submit applications electronically. The Center will maintain a directory and mailing list of enrolled carriers and will periodically generate newsletters to keep customers infonned of events related to electronic screening. Brochures and fact sheets will be prepared, updated and distributed as needed. There will be a concerted effort to market Kentucky's electronic screening program to all commercial motor carriers. The Center anticipates the marketing effort to include, but not be limited to, directly contacting representatives of motor carriers in Kentucky and working in conjunction with the Kentucky Motor Transport Association (KMTA) to distribute pertinent and timely infonnation to Kentucky carriers about the benefits of electronic screening. The Center will use direct mailings to carriers and will also work with the Cabinet to include electronic screening infonnation in any renewal notices sent out from the Cabinet to motor carriers. Additionally, appropriate media advertisement will be utilized to increase the industry's awareness about the benefits of participating in electronic screening. The Center will be responsible for management of the data generated from a screening event This includes, but is not limited to, uploading the data files to the control center computer, developing summary reports of the events for the Cabinet's infonnation and use, archiving the data, and purging the data after a predetennined period. The Center will assist enrolled carriers in optimizing their transponder numbers by providing them with analyses of screening-event infonnation. The maximum benefit for the carrier will occur when the carrier can maximize the number of screening events. Although this optimization will naturally benefit the Cabinet, the cost of providing these services will be the :responsibility of the camer. The Center, as requested, win :represent the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the eleqronic screening program on various state and national committees. Center personnel will make presentations to various groups and at various meetings to increase awareness of the electronic screening program. Such presentations will highlight the Cabinet' s use of intelligent transportation systems to enhance the movement of people and goods within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
Effective start/end date3/15/016/30/05


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