Trauma-Informed Procedural Pain Intervention (C3431)(FY23 TIPPI)

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University of Kentucky Sub-Award Statement of Work Meghan L. Marsac, PhD: Psychologist (Kentucky Children’s Hospital). As a Co-Investigator and Site-Principal Investigator, Dr. Marsac will work closely with Dr. Mayes (Project PI). • Dr. Marsac will partner with Dr. Mayes on overall program development and implementation. • Dr. Marsac will lead a portion of the trauma-informed trainings for Norton Children’s Cancer Institute faculty and staff. • Dr. Marsac will train members of Dr. Mayes’ team in delivering trauma-informed care trainings. • Dr. Marsac will partner with Dr. Mayes to select trauma-informed screening tools and to develop trauma-informed interventions for routine oncology procedures. • Dr. Marsac will collaborate with Dr. Mayes in the preparation of abstracts and publications for the overall study.
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/23


  • University of Louisville: $10,955.00


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