Treatment Outcome Study for Prison-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Program - CJKTOS

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The Center on Drug and Alcohol Research (CDAR) will be responsible for conducting the treatment outcome study for the Kentucky Department of Corrections (DOC) prison-based, jail-based and intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment programs. The evaluation has 4 primary objectives: 1) To implement data collection for DOC substance abuse treatment programs, which will describe the characteristics of incarcerated and paroled offenders at treatment entry; 2) To examine treatment outcomes for 12 months post-release from prison, jail or an intensive outpatient program including relapse, recidivism, and community substance abuse treatment utilization for a sample of substance abusing offenders; 3) To provide reports on data collection activities and descriptive findings as requested, and to provide yearly reports on the 12-month follow-up data; and 4) To assist with evaluations for newly developing substance abuse initiatives as requested. Self-reported baseline data will be collected by the treatment providers at intake. Participants will be asked to voluntarily consent to the electronic submission of their intake information to CDAR for data management and data analyses. Baseline data will be used to report client characteristics and treatment utilization. Follow-up data will be collected 12 months post release from a DOC prison, jail or intensive outpatient treatment program for a randomly selected group of participants who volunteer to participate in the follow-up study. Follow-up locating and tracking procedures will be initiated by CDAR immediately following release from prison, jail or intensive outpatient program. Periodic contact may be made with each participant during the time between release and follow-up eligibility using procedures. Interviews will be conducted by CDAR staff by phone, or face to face when possible.
Effective start/end date7/1/146/30/15


  • KY Department of Corrections: $285,961.00


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