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The Urban Forest Initiative (UFI) will work in small, fragmented communities struck by recent climate-linked disasters to help them rebuild by growing their knowledge and appreciation of trees. We plan to work with historically underserved populations in selected isolated crossroads communities (<6,500 population) that were particularly hard hit by recent catastrophic events (W KY Dec 2021 tornadoes; E KY July 2022 floods). We will work with each community to 1) map, identify, and connect community trees to ecological, economic, and social benefits; 2) assist with plans to enhance tree diversity; and 3) deliver training in tree care to create a pathway to job training. UFI will train community leaders and interested residents as TreeCATs (Community Arborist Trainees) to generate tree maps that provide a tree inventory, including tree diversity and valuations of ecosystem benefits. Prescriptions for tree canopy development and maintenance to support ecosystem services and promote community livability will then be tailored for each community to create resilient forests to maximize tree benefits and climate resilience while training constituents in tree selection and maintenance, providing a pathway for economic development dedicated to green infrastructure. This 3-yr project leverages UFI’s expertise in mapping, planning, wellness, and community engagement. Financial support will be used for UFI staff to establish and oversee the project, to establish and cultivate community contacts, coordinate project activities, develop, and deliver supporting outreach and education materials, and compensate trainees.
Effective start/end date6/26/236/25/28


  • Forest Service: $470,356.00


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