Two Strong Wings, Cover Crops, & Veggies: Developing the Next Generation of Integrative Farmers in California, Iowa, and Kentucky

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Scope of work Two strong wings, cover crops, & veggies: Developing the next generation of integrative farmers in California, Iowa, and Kentucky 9/15/22-9/14/25 David Gonthier, Assistant Professor Department of Entomology University of Kentucky, KY 40546 Tel: (859) 257-9364, Email: [email protected] Scope of Work The goal of the project will be to create and disseminate resources in person through field days and workshops and virtual materials to Kentucky beginning farmers regarding pastured poultry and integrated poultry-vegetable operations. Workshops and resources will focus on the following learning objectives: 1. Pastured poultry husbandry and pasture management 2. Integrated pastured poultry and cropping practices 3. Housing, equipment and predator management 4. Food safety, handling and processing regulations 5. Environmental management and stewardship of natural resources 6. Business management and marketing University of Kentucky confirms the involvement in the above-mentioned objectives through the following activities. Gonthier will oversee and mentor one graduate student for all or some activities. Gonthier will work closely with Dr. Maurice Pitesky (PD) at UC Davis, Dr. Nair (co- PI) at Iowa State and other collaborators involved in the project to create in person and virtual outreach materials. Gonthier will host 1 to 2 in-person workshops or short courses in Kentucky and contribute to virtual extension-based workshops as part of the larger team. Gonthier will contribute the design, creation, and postings of relevant informational resources (videos, podcasts, blogs or newsletter articles) on respective websites: NCAT/ATTRA, the “UC Davis Vet Med Poultry” YouTube channel, and UK extension websites.
Effective start/end date9/15/229/14/25


  • University of California Davis: $88,054.00


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